Friday, December 31

project for the new year

indoor living wall

one of our projects for the new year is to create a living wall in a south end city apartment.   obvious advantages of a living wall include bringing some green into the concrete jungle of city living, but also an indoor living wall can act as an air purifier for indoor environments.  plants are known to naturally improve the quality of air by boosting oxygen levels and increasing humidity, both of which help prevent problems like dry skin and headaches. goodbye winter and hello tropical paradise.

Thursday, December 30

take that to lunch

this vintage lunch box is planted with a couple jade and a few grafted cactus called the moon cactus. grafting the moon cactus is done as a novelty to keep the top, brightly colored "moon" alive.  the top is a desert cactus and the bottom is a jungle cactus.  the desert cactus could not survive by itself because it doesn't have any chlorophyll which keeps the plant green and makes food for the plant.  the bottom jungle cactus has the chlorophyll and the roots to provide all the needs of the top plant, aka sugardaddy.

lunch box is available at hudson, boston location

Wednesday, December 29

still growing

not going to lie, kind of amazed that these vessels are still growing.  they require hardly any maintenance, just a little spritz once a week.  the ornaments can also be used post holiday season too, even take the silver cap off for more breathing and enjoy your mini ecosystems.

where are they now?

Tuesday, December 28

putting an old urn to good use

with an agave plant, a blooming air plant and some donkey tail succulents we took a regular urn and turned into a custom creation.  enjoy john!

Friday, December 24

where are they now?

fun to see where our creations end up,
on a nicely decorated christmas tree

Sunday, December 19

custom order

and off they go... stay balanced, don't tip over, please.

always taking orders, lets keep me busy...

Friday, December 17

freshly delivered

new terrariums freshly stocked at 
 vidala's in beverly farms, 
utopia farm in manchester by the sea 
and willow rest in annisquam
check them out

Monday, December 13

elements of style, featured on local style blog, elements of style, thanks for the great write up erin!

Terriffic Terrarriums

Monday, December 13th, 2010
I have been admiring the fabulous terrariums scattered through one of my favorite local home shops Hudson for months now.  Made by Lyndsay Maver, who works at the shop (hence, Lynzariums), they are a fantastic combination of succulents, mosses, stones, shells (plucked from the sand on beach vacations by Lyndsay herself) and come in various vessel shapes.

Lyndsay will also create one in a vessel of your own if you have something particularly awesome- like this large on she did in a vintage trough.
They would make awesome holiday gifts for those in the area (she doesn’t ship them yet!) Just look at her little ornament terrariums! Super sweet. Check out the blog for updates on freshly made items and to contact her for custom orders!
terrariums 10.12.10 004terrarium 005
medium terrarium
terrariums 12.11.10 016
terrariums 12.11.10 011DSC_0407
I now have on on my coffee table and it’s such an adorable and long lasting alternative to flowers!

Saturday, December 11

freshly made

large bubble vase

birds eye view

medium bubble vase

small bubble vase

nosh vase assortment

bowl vase

tall cylinder

medium cylinder vase

large bubble vase

large bubble vase
birds eye view