Friday, March 25

before and after

up for grabs, vintage cooper vessel planted with huge succulent, four small succulents, 
three cacti and an air plant.

Saturday, March 19

fresh find from the flea

 kind of obssessed. just found this guy at a vintage shop in newburyport. the top of the elephant comes off, 
so cool. 

Saturday, March 12

custom lynzarium (the process)

neighbors in the south end dropped off this vessel to plant.  it was previously filled with a jade plant, but they wanted something ferny with some height to replace.
 found these interesting plants at the local flower market, especially liked the tallest one called the sting ray (note shape of leaves) and the neighbors were on board with the selection

Friday, March 11

meet usneoides

just purchased an amazing new selection of air plants, usneoides, aeranthos, fire of tinco, guatemalen, bulblosa, capitatat and caput medusae. scratch the dirt and spritz once a week.

Sunday, March 6

get 'em at hudson

new terrariums now available at both hudson locations, boston and wellesley.  introducing lynzariums with lids, self sufficient terrariums, very little watering needed.