Friday, September 30

dont discard your shotgun shells

instead plant them, like they did at san franpsycho

san franpsycho began as surf films featuring a groups of san francisco surfers in all their glory of good waves, partying, and wild lifestyle throughout the city. san franpsycho has quickly evolved into a lifestyle brand. we checked out not only their local artist collection of goods but also their 
hanging terrariums.

Thursday, September 22

found: rainbow acres

touring rainbow acres amazing collection of succulents and cacti. these guys specialize in raising water thrifty, long living , easy care landscaping and decorative plants, including many native and hybrids.

aloha from maui

Monday, September 19

installation by flora grubb

loving this installation created by flora grubb out of san fran.
perf for walls that don't allow alot of drainage and for those without a green thumb

Friday, September 16

Thursday, September 15

green design will save the world

pics from paris taken of the musee du quai branlyl, a vertical garden system created by patrick blanc which allows both plants and buildings to live in harmony with one another.
vive la paris