Tuesday, December 27

lynzarium hunting

easier to collect grub in the summertime, not so fun when it's 32 degrees, but it still looks nice

Monday, December 26

better homes and gardens: top plants for terrariums

terrariums came of age with the victorians and are enjoying a newfound resurgence, fueled in part by their affordability and the continued interest in all things gardening. "it's something everybody can do," says tovah martin, author of the new terrarium and a lecturer who gives workshops on the subject across the country. "you can do it on a budget, do it with kids, do it with seniors."
 moon valley
 spider fern
 starfish plant
nerve plant
 air plant
minimus aureus
 black mondo grass
 mother fern
strawberry begonia

Saturday, December 24

oh anthro

part planter, part grow-light, this handblown glass orb is just the thing for those who want some greenery in their homes, but are limited by light, space or environment. create a self-sunning, almost-no-water-required microcosm of tropicals, epiphytes, fresh herbs or succulents in the included growing medium. available at anthropologie

Monday, December 12

hey coffee grinds

after you have your morning jolt, clean up by adding your grinds to you plants, 
to fertilize and to give the soil a nice rich brown

Monday, December 5

lynzariums at lula's

join lula’s pantry for a festive evening of holiday shopping on 
friday, december 9th from 4 to 8pm
holiday treats and special promotions throughout rockport