Thursday, January 6

what is a coral cactus?

the pink coral cactus is a grafted plant from the cactus family, but is actually an african succulent that has evolved to look like a cactus.  it is a variegated eurphorbia lactea crest (you could tell, right?) that is grafted on some sort of cylindrical euphorbia stock (don't you have a couple of those?).  mixed in is a sharp agave  and prinkly pear cactus (my hands have battle scars), donkey tails and native shells.  this lynzarium measures 15 inches high with 9 inch diameter, a big boy.  available at hudson, boston.


  1. do not let your child or pets near this lethal milk (sap looks like milk)..plant and don't get the sap on your skin and it will blind you....