Friday, July 29

DIGging vertical gardens

    cara and will meyers, owners of DIG gardens in santa cruz, california, are on top of the vertical-gardening trend. "vertical gardens are a great use of space, especially if you have a small terrace," says cara meyers, who leads workshops on designing and assembling picture-frame planters in DIG's urban courtyard. "like in your home, living pictures can help define an outdoor room by becoming a focal point or a destination."
    succulents are a natural choice for vertical gardens because they grow slowly and have low water requirements. "our plant palette is chosen for texture and architectural appeal rather than flowers and instant color," meyers says. "succulents have such rich hues and textures. mixing them in beautiful patterns is quite impressive!" better homes and gardens, august 2011


  1. could this be hung in doors?

    1. Hi Nic,
      This could be hung inside, as long as it gets indirect light.