Sunday, November 13

your begonia is texting you

"it was only a matter of time. plants have begun texting for help. thanks to clever new digital devices, a dry philodendron, undernourished hibiscus, or sadly neglected wandering jew can send its owner a text or twitter message. humans like to feel appreciated, so a begonia may also send a simple “thank-you” text — when it’s happy, as gardeners like to say, meaning healthy and well-tended. picture your boston fern home alone placing botanicalls. but why should potted plants be the only ones to reassure their humans? another company has found a way for crops to send text messages in unison, letting their farmer know if she’s doing a good enough job to deserve a robust harvest. probes monitoring the soil can send a range of prerecorded messages specific to each plant’s needs." new york times

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