Friday, January 28

forget the candy and roses this year

 and show your valentine some love, with a freshly planted skull of course.
"to my valentine...til death do us part"
"hey, bonehead, be my valentine"
"beauty is only skin deep...but my love for you cuts to the bone."
 "roses are red. so is your blood. you will turn blue, when i choke you."
"you're like my skull, valentine; i can't get you out of my head"
"you have my hand, you have my heart,
you have my love until our flesh depart"

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Sunday, January 23

feed my skulls

just found these three, clear glass skulls and they each have a two inch diameter and are three inch in depth.  any ideas on how how to fill? get creative and send in comments...

and no chia pics please (what song is now stuck in your head?)

Friday, January 21

hang yourself

my new favorites, hang with a piece of string or simply place on a flat surface.  do you think the mushroom up top is edible, or do polka dots mean it's poisonous?

before and after

fern lynzarium with a top available at hudson, boston, click here for pricing

Saturday, January 15

may i have six greenhouses please?



today i visited the amazing snug harbor farm, located in kennebunk, maine.  snug harbor is a year round retail greenhouse grower, plant nursery, landscape design services and garden shop located in the lower village of kennebunk.  they specialize in unusual perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, succulents, classical topiary and imported terra cotta planters.
with the past weeks winter weather ( 2 feet of snow for you non bostonians), it was so fun to walk the snow shoveled paths to each of the six greenhouses, which as soon as you entered the doors engulfed you in a growers paradise.  how many days until summer?

Friday, January 14

if you're heading up to rockport...

"During winter’s seemingly endless palette of gray, we could all use a reminder of those long lush days of summer.  A terrarium gracing your kitchen counter – or any surface – will do the trick nicely.  Look for these gorgeous terrariums from lynzarium at Lula’s Pantry."

lula’s pantry, located in the coastal village of rockport, ma, is a must stop on my list, where you can find the very best in kitchen tools and stylish home accessories.  this store is considered an indispensable resource for residents and visitors alike when it comes to finding foolproof selections for the pantry.  check out their blog, lula's pantry, for new products, happenings around town, and creative recipes, such as mcclure's pickle pizza.

Wednesday, January 12

Monday, January 10

kind of obsessed.

when my friend tori stopped by the other day, she was raving about paula hayes, an artist who creates everything from landscape and garden design to living jewelry.   i immediately checked out her sight and fell in love/fell over with how amazing her living terrariums are, i couldn't stop uploading pics, enjoy...


Thursday, January 6

what is a coral cactus?

the pink coral cactus is a grafted plant from the cactus family, but is actually an african succulent that has evolved to look like a cactus.  it is a variegated eurphorbia lactea crest (you could tell, right?) that is grafted on some sort of cylindrical euphorbia stock (don't you have a couple of those?).  mixed in is a sharp agave  and prinkly pear cactus (my hands have battle scars), donkey tails and native shells.  this lynzarium measures 15 inches high with 9 inch diameter, a big boy.  available at hudson, boston.